Burma-shave style roadsign project will educate springs visitors

The FSC “Burma Shave” sign campaign debuted just as visitors were arriving at Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park for the start of Memorial Day weekend. Installed on private property next to the state park access road, the project features a sequential series of a dozen signs: three sets of rhyming jingles reminding park visitors that we all have a role to play in protecting our beloved springs. I’ve cooked down what I’ve learned about springs advocacy to just 39 words touching on groundwater over-pumping, our devastating fertilizer addiction, and our need for greater civic engagement around water issues. The final sign is a billboard with a link to the Florida Springs Council's website and a message to Floridians—written in the style of a personal ad—calling us to live ethically on a finite planet.

For the Love of Florida, John Moran

Co-director, Springs Eternal Project

Education committee member, Florida Springs Council

Springs visitors drive past rhyming springs education signs

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