Florida Springs Council, 1000 Friends of Florida, Sierra Club Endorse Senator Farmer’s Water Bill (S

Florida Springs Council, 1000 Friends of Florida, Sierra Club Endorse Senator Farmer’s Water Bill (SB 1700) (Revised)


Contact: Bob Palmer

Legislative Chair, Florida Springs Council


Ryan Smart

Executive Director, 1,000 Friends of Florida


David Cullen

Legislative Lobbyist, Sierra Club Florida


March 15, 2017

TALLAHASSE, FL – Three key State environmental organizations – the Florida Springs Council, 1000 Friends of Florida, and the Sierra Club – today announced their strong support for SB 1700, Sen. Gary Farmer’s legislation aimed at improving upon the industry-backed omnibus water bill passed in the 2016 legislative session.

SB 1700 includes amendments proposed in the House and Senate in 2016 as well as a number of new provisions to preserve and restore Florida’s waters. Highlights include: better collection of data on groundwater withdrawals and fertilizer applications; prioritization of water conservation; acceleration of advanced best management practices; tighter pollution controls near Outstanding Florida Springs; and greater emphasis on conservation easements in basin clean-up plans.

A more detailed summary of the provisions in SB 1700 may be found here.

Bob Palmer, Chairman of FSC’s Legislative Committee, commented, “The legislature put the 2016 water bill on a very fast track, with no serious consideration of amendments in committees or on the House and Senate Floors. Sen. Farmer’s bill will allow the legislature to look at some important springs-related issues much more closely, and FSC hopes that the legislature will take advantage of this opportunity to accelerate recovery of our springs.”

Ryan Smart, President of 1000 Friends of Florida added, “We want to thank Senator Farmer for proposing commonsense legislation to protect Florida’s waters, including North Florida’s Outstanding Florida Springs, and ensure that our tax dollars are being used for the maximum benefit of Florida’s people and environment.”

David Cullen, Sierra Club Florida noted, “SB 1700 includes practical measures that are necessary if Florida is to achieve the stated goal of ‘getting the water right.’ Senator Farmer’s bill will provide baseline information on which to create a meaningful water budget, promote water conservation, and close loopholes that allow pollution.”



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