Be a social media ambassador for the Springs

You have Something the Springs Need.

There are some very dedicated people focused on saving our springs. Some have spent a lifetime in law or science, and dedicate their expertise to efforts to pass protective legislation or call out bad policies and fight them.

But they sometimes have a hard time communicating their expertise to those who can make a difference.

That's where you come in. If you communicate a love for springs through social media, we'd love to partner with you to combine your expertise and ours to educate followers on the dangers facing them. We've seen what a difference you can make. We need a network of folks across the state who know their local springs.

If you are willing to "adopt" a river or spring, we can match you up with an organization who could benefit from a presence among your audience. Join our communicators group to stay informed on the issues surrounding your particular springs are issues. We'd like to help you keep an engaged audience educated on the issues.

And not just social media. Photographers, law students, web designers, people who like to throw fundraising events, people who have skills you think might be of use - drop us a line!

Contact me, Brenda Wells, communications specialist, at, through facebook messaging from our page, or through instagram if you'd like to help us out by becoming a social media ambassador for your favorite spring or river.

Donation stickers on your Instagram Stories are a HUGE help.

Instagram recently rolled out donation stickers that you can put on your springs stories. 100% of the donations collected come to the Florida Springs Council, instagram takes no fees. It all goes to continue our work on behalf of the springs.

The Florida Springs Council is a support system for springs groups all over the state. And many of these groups are small. Often they do not have much in the way of funding, and many don't have the social media presence or know-how to conduct fundraising or spread information.

You can support these small groups by asking your instagram followers to donate to FSC. When you do, the funding can go to a general fund, or you can ask us to direct it to a specific spring or local group.

The new donation sticker is found right there with all the other stickers available to add to your story.

To get started, once you've begun posting your story, simply tap the sticker icon and then look for the donation sticker button.

You’ll notice a list of foundations you are currently following. If you follow us (you should be!) you should see us there. If you don't, search for "Florida Springs Council."

Once you’ve selected FSC, the sticker will show up on your story.

You can edit the name if you like (default is "support the Florida Springs Council" but you can customize to a particular spring if you like). You can customize the color by tapping the color wheel at the top of the screen.

Once you’re finished, share your story. Your followers will not only get your message about the spring you love but also a tangible action they can take for the springs.

We have found that FAR more donations come in if the donors receive something in return. Stickers have been very successful. If you have stickers, offer those to donors.

We are happy to provide FSC stickers for you to give away. Encourage your donors to provide you with a mailing address, and when your campaign is done and we'll mail you the stickers you need (or we'll mail them for you.)

To see how much you’ve raised, just swipe up on the live story. The full amount of what you see in your stats will go straight to FSC, no fees.

If you have questions, or would like FSC to earmark the funds you raised for a particular spring/project, or just want to chat, email us at, or just message us on instagram (hi, I'm Brenda, the person behind the account, it's great to be working with you!)

Thanks Instagrammers!

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