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Stand Up 4

A project of UF PICSA: Public Interest Communications Student Association



The owners of Ginnie Springs Campground are contributing to the degradation of Florida’s springs. Under the name "Seven Springs Water Co.,"  they pump and sell water (which they pump for free) to major water bottling company Blue Triton, formerly called Nestle Waters North America.

They pay only a one-time water use permit fee of $115,  and pay nothing for the water they sell.


The facility bottling spring water from Ginnie Spring produces 6,000 plastic bottles per minute, creating more single-use plastic even as they take our water.


Bottling directly from the spring causes 900 times more impact on the source spring than pumping the same amount of water just a few miles away, but the "Spring Water" label allows them to charge more.

Directly impacting the spring increases their profit.

Florida has the largest concentration of springs in the world.

Don’t take part in their destruction. Sign the pledge now to #BoycottGinnieSprings and receive a guide by email to the other wonderful springs you can visit.

I pledge to not visit Ginnie Springs until they stop pumping and selling spring water to bottling companies.

After signing this pledge, use #BoycottGinnieSprings on social media and share the pledge with friends.

*By signing this pledge you will receive an email with an alternative springs guide, which includes OTHER springs within a day's drive of Gainesville. 

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