The 2023 Springs
is here! 

Featuring the photography of Linda Wilinski

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For a limited time, your $20 donation to Springs Conservation comes with a calendar featuring the Springs Photography of Linda Wilinski.

Order by November 29th 

This form will close down at midnight on Tuesday November 29th, and calendars will begin shipping out on December 5th, to arrive in time for the holidays. 

We'll send your gift for you!

Gift Envelope Florida Springs Council

Order a calendar as a gift to someone else and we will ship it in December, directly to them, in this gift envelope with:

  • A gift membership to the Florida Springs Council

  • A message from you

  • An introduction to the Springs

  • Council's work

  • A springs sticker 

About Linda Wilinski
Linda volunteers her time as a member of Florida Springs Council's Communications Advisory Board and as a board member of Rainbow River Conservation. Her annual calendar benefits conservation causes each year.


See more of Linda's work, and order prints at
Instagram: @lindawphotography

Complete a new order form for each gift recipient.