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We're fighting for the future of Florida's Springs. We're in the state capital, in the courthouse, and in your community. We are dedicated to holding state agencies and polluters accountable and leading fellow Floridians to protect our iconic springs through grassroots advocacy efforts.

You can begin at $6 per month. Why $6? Because we like to have fun with the fact that the temperature of Florida’s springs is a reliable and constant 72 degrees, and your $6 donation is a reliable and constant source of support that adds up to an impactful $72 a year! But the amount is up to you.


Your monthly donations will happen automatically each month, and enable us to focus on our mission, assured of continuous monthly support.

Your sustaining membership includes:​

  • A sticker subscription. We like to check in with you a few times a year, and as long as your monthly payments are active you'll get a new sticker design each time.

  • Discounts from our business partners. 

Become a
Sustaining Member

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