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Under Water

Governor DeSantis’ apathy towards Florida’ springs and rivers and refusal to follow the law has left our Water Management Districts unable to perform their most basic duties and taxpayers without representation.​

Florida Springs Council took action by sending this letter to Governor DeSantis​. 


**UPDATE** It worked! In response to our letter pointing out that legal action could be taken against decisions made without a quorum, the Governor DID fill just enough vacancies to bring all Water Management Districts up to a legal quorum.  But even now only 23 seats of 40 are filled, still leaving 17 vacancies. And those sitting on the boards still overwhelmingly represent industry and political ties rather than science.


Below the letter you'll find a way YOU can take action. Keep the pressure on.

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Take Action Now

Governor DeSantis needs to hear from you, too. This button will open a pre-addressed email for you. Simply sign and send.

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If your browser does not support the "email" button above, please call Governor DeSantis at (850) 488-7146

Or email him at

Tell him to follow the law (F.S. 373.073) by appointing qualified representatives to fill the remaining vacancies on the Governing Boards of the St. Johns River Water Management District, Southwest Florida Water Management District, Suwannee River Water Management District, and Northwest Florida Water Management District. These appointments must correct the current lack of representation by scientists and conservationists on water management district governing boards.

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