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Here's the Sign You've Been Looking For...

Download & Add Your Own Message

Come up with something you think should be on this sign and make it your own. Post it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag us! If it's relatively safe-for-work, we'll repost it (if it's not, we'll print it and tape it above our desks!! ) We started you out with a few of our own.

Tell the polluters. Tell the bottlers. Tell those who exploit our springs. Let them know how you feel with a little sign graffiti! If you're angry, let it out. 😡

Maybe you came here from our social media, or maybe you landed on this page by exploring our website - Either way, we encourage you to download our blank sign photo and add your own message to bring awareness online about the fate of our springs! Download the blank photo below to add your own message & Explore our gallery of signs submitted by our followers and members.

This photo was produced with the help of the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida and in partnership with Waterbear Photography.⁠

Curbing the threats of pollution and overpumping are at the heart of springs restoration and protection. That’s why we believe #BottledSpringWaterShouldntExist and #RealFloridiansDontFertilize

The Florida Springs Council is in it for the long haul, exploring every avenue to hold the State to its duty to protect our waterways on behalf of the people. While we work in the courts and in the capitol to protect our springs, what can you do at home? Choosing alternatives to bottled spring water and skipping the fertilizer are two simple steps you can take to save our springs (and save money). ⁠

Learn more about two simple steps you can take in your own home to protect our springs here:

Download and share this photo with your own message:

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