The Florida Springs Council brings together Policy, Law, and Scientific experts to Advocate for Florida's Springs and Spring-fed Rivers

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Our Story

In 2016, springs and environmental organizations from all over the state came together to form a consortium, each contributing their skills and local expertise to coordinate action in the restoration, preservation, and protection of Florida's freshwater springs and the Floridan aquifer. Today, we unite these organizations and a growing number of individual members to lobby in Tallahassee for more protective springs laws, to monitor agency rulemaking,  to bring legal action when necessary, and to mobilize wherever a spring is under threat. 

Legal Team Florida Springs Council

Florida Springs Council in the Courtroom - image by John Moran

Underwater image by Linda Wilinski Rainbow River

Springs are worth protecting - image by Linda Wilinski

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Florida Springs Council in the Capitol


Florida Springs Council informed memberships are free. You'll receive information from us about Springs threats and solutions, invitations to events and meetups in your area, and you'll be alerted when it's time to speak out and step up for the Springs: