The Florida Springs Council is a consortium of member organizations from all over the state who are working together to ensure the restoration, preservation and protection of Florida’s freshwater springs and the Floridan aquifer.


Springs groups vs DEP:

The Legal Challenge has concluded

November 30 2019


The lawsuit against the state's springs clean-up plans brought by springs groups and coordinated by FSC has concluded. 

It's time to set the river free

January 2020



We have joined over 30 organizations who have come together to work for a free Ocklawaha.To restore the Ocklawaha as a free-flowing River, reconnecting the Silver and St. Johns Rivers, and elevating the regional benefits for all.

53 groups join together to call for a VETO of SB 712/Clean Waterways Act

March 2020

When the original version of the “Clean Waterways Act” was first introduced in 2019, it had the support of the Florida Springs Council and other environmental groups.But the version that is on its way to the governor’s desk has been written and approved by lobbyists for Florida’s major polluters.