Your guide to the Seven Springs/Nestle Permit


On February 23rd, the Suwannee River Water Management District Governing Board unanimously approved the controversial water use permit by Seven Springs Water Company, owned by the operators of the Ginnie Springs campground, to provide nearly 1 million gallons of water per day to be bottled and sold by Nestle.

The Board’s decision comes after the District lost a legal battle in the Division of Administrative Hearings (DoAH). The permit was approved under “protest” - which allows the District the option of appealing the DoAH ruling - although it appears unlikely the District will appeal.

In approving the water use permit, the District Board neglected their responsibility to represent the interests of North Florida, violated the rules they put in place, and exposed serious flaws in the work of District permitting staff. Fortunately, we are not bound by the District's incompetence and callous disregard for the public interest.


Once again, the Florida Springs Council and Our Santa Fe River, Inc. are stepping in to fill the void left by state agencies that refuse to uphold the law and fight for North Florida’s people and waters. We will not let this decision stand without a fight. We are assembling a top-notch legal team from across Florida.


Springs advocates really came through when it was time to speak out and voice your opposition, and hundreds of you are proudly displaying stickers and wearing shirts that show that you support the cause. Right now, that support remains our primary need. Rest assured, yesterday's decision was not the end of this fight, it was just the beginning. It's your support that will fuel the next step.

DONATE. See step 3 below for details. We'll send a gift as thanks. Stickers, magnets, kayak stickers, and the best way to speak out against bottled water, a quality re-usable water bottle that displays your opposition to Nestle. 


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             Support the work that the                             Florida Springs Council is fighting not only this permit, but we don't plan to stop t here. We are also addressing the broken system that makes it possible for a few individuals to profit from harming our ailing springs.  Donate for a thank-you gift of a sticker or bottle, or purchase a "Say No to Nestle" shirt. (page opens in new window)

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OR. If you can't donate, hold a fundraiser on Facebook. Social media has been a great place for springs advocates to share knowledge of the issue, and facebook and instagram make it easy to raise funds. As a verified nonprofit on Facebook, we immediately receive 100% of donations with no fees removed. Educate your audience, and ask for their help:


Stay hopeful. This decision was a disappointment, but not a surprise. We and our partner organizations were ready and already mobilizing for the next step. Stick with us and we'll continue to protect the springs together.