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Breaking Down DEP’s Springs Water Quality Plans

Check out the video below for FSC's live discussion on Springs BMAPs - FSC's June Webinar

On June 20, the Florida Springs Council went live on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to discuss the Department of Environmental Protection's updates to Outstanding Florida Springs Basin Management Action Plans. FSC Executive Director Ryan Smart and FSC Board Member Bob Palmer answered some of the common questions we received from springs advocates and our members following DEP’s public meetings on BMAP updates: Who are the biggest polluters for each basin and overall? What is the difference in pollution levels since the previous BMAPs were adopted? Have the BMAPs been successful?

“We’re now at a point where DEP’s 2028 goal is just to get us back where we started when they proposed these plans in 2018” - Ryan Smart, FSC Executive Director

In case you missed it, the full recording is available on the Florida Springs Council's YouTube:

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