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99% of Water Use Permits Approved - Notes from The Water State Film

A Breakdown of Water Use Permitting, Water Management Districts, the "Nestle" Permit and more in Florida (Source - The Water State - A Project Paradise Film)

Did you know...

  • In the 1960s, the State was divided into five water management districts intended to manage the water supply on behalf of the public.

    • The Florida Governor appoints the Water Management District Governing Board Members.

    • Water management districts grant the water use permits.

  • Water use permits cost only $115.

  • Outdoor recreation in Florida:

    • is Florida's number one revenue stream

    • brings in $100 billion annually

    • sustains more than 1 million jobs

  • More than 100 million visitors come to Florida each year.

  • Water consumption has gone up 400%.

  • In the last 40 years, the Suwannee River Water Management District (where the “Nestle” permit was approved) has only denied six out of almost 7,000 permits.

“There’s kind of a Ponzi scheme when it comes to Florida’s environment. On one hand they’re handing out permits to every corporation that comes along and wants to pump water. Then, they’re using our taxpayer money for projects to make up for the harm that those permits and those water users are causing.” - Florida Springs Council Executive Director Ryan Smart
"The fact that the system allows this to happen with nothing to stop it is disgusting" - Director of The Water State film Brent Fannin

All of this information comes from The Water State - A Project Paradise Film directed by Brent Fannin featuring the Executive Director of the Florida Springs Council, Ryan Smart. The film is available to watch on YouTube:

To learn more about our legal challenge against the Seven Springs Water Co. permit at Ginnie Springs visit:



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