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Senate Bill 664/House Bill 527

The one that keeps local communities from protecting wetlands

SB 738 Florida

What it says

"Land and Water Management"

SB 664 introduced by Senator Burgess:

HB 527 introduced by Representative Maggard:

Section 1 is effectively a state preemption on local environmental buffers to protect waters, wetlands, and natural areas. The bills require local governments to purchase, from the property owner, any buffers that exceed the state requirements. While the bills differ in how the buffers should be purchased, with SB 664 prohibiting the use of eminent domain and HB 527 requiring it, the impact of the bills will be the same: the loss of environmentally critical buffer zones because local governments cannot afford, nor practically acquire, these areas.

Section 2 preempts the regulation of all dredge and fill activities to the Department of Environmental Protection and water management districts, shutting down any local review of wetlands permitting.


Our Take

These bills are a direct assault on local governments attempting to protect their communities and natural resources, in light of the state government’s retreat on environmental regulation.





  • Referred to Environment and Natural Resources; Appropriations Committee on Agriculture, Environment, and General Government; Fiscal Policy

  • Referred to Water Quality, Supply & Treatment Subcommittee; Local Administration, Federal Affairs & Special Districts Subcommittee; Infrastructure Strategies Committee

These bills did NOT pass.


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