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Support the Businesses that Support Springs Protection


Your customers love the springs.
Partner with Springs Conservation. ​


There are two ways your business can be listed here
as a springs-friendly partner




Support the Florida Springs Council with a quick and easy $500 Business Membership using the donation form below, and you're done!


Come up with an idea unique to you that will raise $500 or more for Springs Conservation (we have some examples below). 


When you partner with FSC we'll provide:

  • A listing of your business here on our website for at least one year (renewable);

  • The five-inch round window or door cling shown above that shows that your business actively supports Springs Conservation;

  • Posts on our social media celebrating your support

These businesses came up with their own way to raise $500 or more to become a business partner:

  • Azalea City Brewing in Palatka offered guests the option to "round up" their drink tab, donating the proceeds to FSC.

  • Satchel's Pizza held a "round up for charity" program over three months that allowed customers to round up to the nearest dollar at checkout, allowing their customers to raise thousands of dollars for the Florida Springs Council.

  • Life Unplastic donated 10% of their proceeds for one month to fund the fight against the Nestle bottling permit, a cause very relevant to their customers. 

  • LVR shirt printing sold a springs design shirt in their webstore for three months, donating the proceeds to the Florida Springs Council.

  • Opus Coffee developed a special springs-colored iced tea and donated $1 for every tea sold for a month, generating over $500 for Springs Protection.

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