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2024 Mid-Session Update with Friends of the Everglades

Ryan Smart, the Executive Director of the Florida Springs Council, joined Gil Smart and Eve Samples with the Friends of the Everglades to give us an inside look at the impact laws may have this year on Florida’s waters, from the Springs to the Everglades.

In case you missed it, the full recording is available on the Friends of the Everglades YouTube:

During the live event, Ryan Smart shared, "Ryan Smart put it, "We can’t promise we’ll win every time you take action, but we will always lose if you all don’t take action… Real people — voters — speaking up makes a huge difference.”

This session has been proof that advocacy works and that when we all work together conservationists are highly effective in the Capitol. Springs advocates are being heard, and it’s made a difference. Thank you for being so engaged during this legislative session.


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