October 30, 2019


Water Management Districts' governing boards make big decisions about our water, like who gets permits. Those positions are appointed directly by the governor.


They are intended to be a balance of voices from industry, agriculture, conservation, and science. But currently there are NO scientists or conservationists on any of the 4 boards with Outstanding Florida Springs in their district. Representatives from industry, development, logging, and agriculture dominate these boards.

CALL Governor DeSantis' office at 850-717-9337.

Leave a message that 

1. Water management district boards should not make any decisions, including water use permits, until all of the vacancies are filled, AND

2. It's time to appoint some of the qualified applicants whose resumes sit on his desk - representatives from science and conservation like Dr. Bob Knight, springs ecologist, and Dr. Katie Tripp, manatee biologist.

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