Speak up for Wakulla

Wakulla Springs is already impaired by excessive nutrients from septic tanks, urban fertilizer, and wastewater treatment effluent.

On Monday, June 7th, Wakulla County Commissioners will vote on whether to move forward with a proposed wastewater disposal site within Wakulla Springs' "Priority Focus Area," (where the springs are most vulnurable to pollution) but has not undertaken the necessary due diligence to determine its impact on Wakulla Springs or the viability of alternative disposal sites like the Wildwood Golf Course. 

Help us urge the County Commissioners to postpone funding the design and permitting for the proposed effluent disposal site until an impartial scientific analysis of the costs and benefits of both properties is completed.

Just add your name and email address to the prewritten email form and send your message. 

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There are no current actions for the Nestle/Blue Triton/Ginnie Springs permit, but our legal team is currently working to overturn and stop the permit. Individual donations are funding this fight. You can help (and get some cool "Say No to Nestle" items) HERE. 

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