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Florida's Springs, Then & Now Photo Series

Each of these then and now photos compares a healthy spring to its impaired state. Ten years after their initial release, John plans to update the series with new photos.


John Moran Springs Photographer

Nature photographer John Moran was photographing Florida's springs long before social media came along and made springs photographers more visible. An internship with National Geographic in the late 1970's inspired a career as a photographer, and he worked as a Gainesville Sun photographer for over two decades before devoting himself full time to capturing Florida's natural beauty full time.

John Moran on the stand showing a "then and now" photograph while the judge looks on
John Moran's Then & Now series presented in court as evidence.

He felt the need to use his photography to sound the alarm over the decline of Florida's springs. He felt he could no longer take only beauty shots and ignore the destruction he was seeing. His outspoken take hit a nerve at DEP. His photographs were ordered removed from a state Department of Environmental Protection website in 2014 (read "John Moran's nature photos taken off DEP website".)

In 2019 John joined the Florida Springs Council in court against DEP. We joined seven other environmental organizations to force DEP to write better springs pollution cleanup plans (Basin Management Action Plans, or BMAPs.) John used these "Then & Now" photos to illustrate the decline in the health of Florida's Springs.

Learn more about John and shop his incredible photography work at

John Moran at Gilchrist Blue State Park, by Jenny Adler


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